Wow! I’m clearly not a typical NCIS fan any more, because I loved Jack-Knife, and so many fans seem not to have liked it at all. Someone even called it dull.

Fornell and Gibbs

This was not dull. It was a fun-filled family adventure with plenty of humour. All right, and a lot of sleeping went on, but mainly by McGee. There were fast cars. Fornell was back and there was absolutely no reason for him to be, but we were very happy to see him and his slippers. The man looks good in a beard. Less sure about the slippers, but he took those off.

Tired McGee

Tired McGee

And poor McGee kept sleeping as and when he could. It doesn’t sound so good, but he even slept with Gibbs, in a manner of speaking.

Tired McGee

Tired McGee

Damon Werth was back too, and not as the corpse as some so-called fans had hoped. What’s wrong with you people? I’d be very happy to have our ex-steroid muscle man turn up every now and then. We know why he’s faithful to Gibbs, and quite rightly so. And why shouldn’t he like the former Mossad officer?

Gibbs's car

Gibbs’s car got an outing, so he trusts Fornell with a lot of things these days. Poor McGee turned himself into a guilt-ridden servant, but one who became impossibly chatty once he entered Schloss Gibbs. If Gibbs really locks his door now, it didn’t have the desired effect, did it?

At home with Gibbs

There was very little here that required ‘the feds’, but it made for a cosy get-together, and lack of plot makes absolutely no difference. In fact, sometimes I believe it helps an episode along quite nicely. And – oh dear – those British accents are very, well, British.

I gather we now have a long wait for next time. If it’s not Presidential elections, it’s stuff like Olympic Games getting in the way. Sigh. Will have to watch this one again. And again.


3 responses to “Zzzz…

  1. OMG! And yes i am English.. But OMG! Tobias Fornell….. He looked fantastic in that ‘beard’
    I loved him in Yankie White (begining of NCIS) However… He just gets better with age.. And he looks so damn sexy with his beard… I absolutley loved him in ‘Jack Knife’ he made me laugh from the start of the episode… And what followed on with Gibbs was just pure laughter…
    So a big thumbs up to the writers for bringing Fornell back to us.. And yes i am biast cos i find him very attractive.. I can’t wait for the “Moonlighting” episode……..

  2. PS, i will be in the US when “Moonlighting” is showing, so a very happy bunny :o)

  3. Very sexy beard, I agree. Hope no volcanoes get in your way!

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