Smother me with a synthetic pillow

Well not me, please, and while not a direct quote, it’s close to what Hetty said in NCIS: Los Angeles – LD50. I’d say that feathers might do an even better job for anyone allergic to them, but…

We had the team in post-disappearance mode after last week. Sam isn’t ready to say they need someone else while Dom is missing, however short that period might be. The others are coming round.

Otherwise, pretty exciting with a race against time theme. Between them the two NCISes this week seemed hellbent on destroying Los Angeles and Washington. Though the beginning of this LA episode didn’t make sense to me. But I’m willing to rethink if someone can explain the fake television soldiers.

Sam did a great job of starting the brawl between the assembled crooks, who were no better than little boys. And I’d have thought that with his dangerous lifestyle Callen would be no stranger to needles.


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