NCIS – Masquerade

Hart, Gibbs and DiNozzo

‘I would be happy to leave’ says M A Hart, our dreadful lawyer from a few episodes ago. I wish she would. There are still no sparks, so we’re either still talking bad acting, or a lack of romantic intention. If we’re to believe Gibbs will continue to be Gibbsy, then he’s not going anywhere.

Gibbs, McGee and Vance

One day I really will be so sad that I sit and take notes of good lines all through every episode, because there are some great ones, nicely scattered about. You hear them, and immediately forget them again, because there’s more action. Vance’s ‘someone’s got a serious Greyhound fetish’ is one example.

Gibbs and McGee

Who’d have thought McGee would be ready to stand up to the boss and tell Gibbs ‘it’s an order I’m disobeying’. And Gibbs didn’t even look annoyed. Knowing him, it’s what he expected our ever more handsome nerd to say. I’m not sure what it is. Is it McGee’s hair?

DiNozzo, McGee and Ziva

It’s not just the tuxedo, or the black tie, if we’re being British about it. There was noise about McGee’s attire on Special Ops, and I’m tempted to agree. If I could only have got a good screen grab he’d make it to next year’s calendar at Witch Towers.

McGee, Abby and DiNozzo

Speaking of clothes, Abby’s yellow outfit looked good enough to eat. Never mind that it was to protect her from radiation. As Abby says to McGee, it’s ‘way to cool to take off’. Well, it’s all right for someone who can avoid looking like a teletubby.

Palmer and Gibbs

As for online weddings, or dancing competitions, it makes you wonder if they have an army of people just writing down silly ideas when they encounter things in ‘real life’, with a view to get it out and dust it off one day and put it in an episode. Can I send in my contributions?

Gibbs and M A Hart

Finally, Gibbs, don’t do it! Remember Doppelgänger. It is so not a good idea.

(Photos © CBS)


3 responses to “NCIS – Masquerade

  1. I hope Hart leaves…for good. I think it’s bad acting. Please don’t fall for her, Gibbs. As for the rest, I’m still getting a kick out of all of them. I also believe you are right on the mark about the silly ideas. Wonder if they have some new writers? No matter…it’s still my favorite show.

  2. Of all the bad women, she is by far the worst. Must be intentional. On the other hand, even if her role is meant to be as a departing baddie, it would be more fun with some sparkle while she’s there.

  3. Very true…So, Producers or Directors or whoever is in charge, let’s have a little sparkle, please.

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