NCIS – Jetlag

Di Nozzo and Ziva in Paris

Did they or didn’t they? That is the question. Tony and Ziva, in Paris, I mean. I suspect Shane Brennan hasn’t made his mind up, and is just teasing us. To some extent we have to consider Gibbs’s rule no. 12 about dating co-workers. It would ruin the flow on NCIS, so I don’t think it will happen.

Gibbs and Abby

Funny that they let Ducky do DiNozzo’s film comment, sitting in the shower in the corpse’s apartment. Cat litter seems quite topical these days, though spreading it over dead bodies is different from covering the snow with it. (‘Over my dead body…’) Sorry. Or in Abby’s hair.

Air rage with Ziva and Di Nozzo

Air rage is getting scarier, and I wonder if the episode was filmed this side of Christmas, or not. Were they oblivious of what happened then, or did they fit in with it? At least now I’ve seen what an Air Marshal might look like. Had imagined more kevlar vest and machine guns, but that might be OTT.

Deleting is so very hard to do

I had so many suspects in this one, that I’d run through most of them getting killed or becoming unwell, before settling on the real one, whom I’d half thought of to begin with but decided was too obvious. Perhaps they couldn’t make their minds up, either?

The scene of crime

Funny that Gibbs ended up with a bad shoulder the very same week that this witch has been almost unable to blog due to very bad shoulder, though not due to the same thing. I would like to save McGee’s life, but have to say that a painful shoulder is so not enjoyable.

Gibbs and McGee

It’s interesting how the chemistry between agents varies depending on who works with whom. I think Gibbs and McGee work very well together. Was I the only one getting flashbacks to Red Cell with the garage scene in this one?

Witness, DiNozzo and Ziva

I gather from Special Ops that the Tiva fans have been happy this week, but also that some people were almost fighting on the forum. Calm down dears, it’s just television… Though it is NCIS.

(Photos © CBS)

6 responses to “NCIS – Jetlag

  1. I can tell you most of the people I know that are pro-Tiva were not happy at all, they said, what was that, one even said, she felt disgusted. As for me, I was a “would-be” anti-Tiva, now, I just am sure I don’t want those 2 together ^^. The episode was soappy. Of course I’ll continue to watch, NCIS just rocks anyway, but I was disapointed, that’s sure.

  2. There’s no pleasing the Tivas, is there? Ah well, Tiva is best as a dream, (and not mine) in which case a little goes a long way.

  3. I sometimes ask myself if they shouldn’t watch a sitcom. Do they realize NCIS is a copshow ? And after Jetlag, I can honestly answer to those who said to me that romance isn’t incompatible with drama: No, sorry, romance IS incompatible, at least Tiva for sure. Jetlag is just the perfect proof of that.

  4. You’re right there. Not being into Tiva, I needed to think of Mibbs. I was a little put out that more wasn’t made of that, until I realised that Gibbs wouldn’t be Gibbs if he indulges in regular happy love… Sad, but true.

    And a brief affair with an outsider is better than two people on the team, where we either have to put up with awkwardness, or kill or retire someone. Always quite liked Kate and Ari together, which really wouldn’t have worked.

  5. I am all for brief affairs outside, I think there is not enough of that since 2 or 3 seasons. Gibbs flirted a lot in the earlier seasons, the same with Tony… Now they seem to live like monks. No wonder people want couples inside the team if the writers don’t give them some bones to pick. As for Gibbs, very true, happy Gibbs isn’t mean to be. He is my favorite character, but he’s a loner, a flirting loner, true, but a loner nonetheless, and that’s fine with me.

  6. What do you reckon he’ll do about the lawyer who I believe is back next week?

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