Vera and the next generation

What is the world coming to? As I went out for my Saturday afternoon walk I left Daughter at the kitchen table finishing off her Art coursework while listening to my old Vera Lynn cassette. The fact that it’s a cassette tells you it was a while since I got it. But she wanted to hear more music like We’ll Meet Again, so I reckoned Vera was the place to start.

Not sure where she can go from there, but I did get Glenn Miller out of his box.


3 responses to “Vera and the next generation

  1. Might be a bit of a left-field suggestion, but – Johnny Cash’s American Recordings? My dad and his grandmother finally found musical common ground in Cash’s version of “We’ll Meet Again”, after spending most of their lives disagreeing about everything under the sun….

  2. Sounds good. Thank you! Must have been a bit of a shock to agree, all of a sudden.

  3. It was, especially since I’m terribly afraid that should have read my dad and his mother… But it was a comforting thing for them both to find happening as she was looking back on her life. (Now, if only they could have reconciled each other with what the sixties meant to each of them…)

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