Episode 150

I just realised I’m about to admit in public that I have watched every single one of those 150 episodes of NCIS. More than once, but that goes without saying, I hope. They had a cake. Not in the ep, but on the set. Daughter got a little confused by the extra man pictured cutting the cake, but that was ‘only’ Robert Wagner; this week’s guest star, and probably not intended as a regular character.

Episode 150 of NCIS

We’ve heard about him often enough, as he’s Anthony Di Nozzo Sr, and there’s an amazing likeness between father and son. But Daddy DiNozzo is man enough to make Junior look quite lovely and caring and normal, which I suppose is good. After what Junior did this time, we have to respect him a little bit more.

Robert Wagner and Michael Weatherly

Gibbs, of course, is the real father figure, and for the first time in a conversation with a stranger, he admitted to being a father himself. Not bad going. But cooking steak in the living room fireplace? Honestly. Men.

The crime in Flesh and Blood was of little interest, yet again, since we were all busy learning more about our extended family. And Gibbs’s supposedly demolished living room is still there.

Please let there be another 150 episodes, and preferably quickly.

(Photos © CBS)


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