You can be too angsty, actually

I’ve made up my mind now. I think. Kenneth Branagh’s Wallander is just too miserable and more of a loner than the two Swedish Wallanders. That takes a bit of doing.

And this business of going off without ID, weapon or telling anyone, or for that matter calling for back-up is ridiculous. What’s even the point of hiring half a dozen actors to sit around and pretend they are policing Yshtad? They too want to run around brandishing guns in beautiful Skåne, some of the time. And that was no lake Vättern, and that road was not the road to Vättern.

Didn’t realise Swedish policemen are trained in doing tracheotomies with biros. Surely this would have been a good time for Wallander to fall apart even more?

But I do enjoy the scenery. The landscape, I mean. Can do with no more unshaven Branagh. And as the Resident IT Consultant pointed out, someone likes trains. There was a nice purple Pågatåg this time for Wallander to travel on.

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