A few degrees below freezing isn’t cold to a Swede. Neither do four inches of snow constitute a lot of snow. And still the world around me grinds to a halt.

Stockport street in snow

We listened to the radio, where the poor announcers almost expired over all the schools they had to list as being closed. When they got to Offspring’s former primary school, that was also closed. Except for Y1 and Y2. Wonder what they were doing?

I had great hopes for Daughter’s current college, but that too turned out to be closed when she arrived. From my childhood I only remember the snow storm in 1968 when even the Swedish school system gave up and sent us home. But first we did walk to school in thigh high snow.

Pavement in snow

As for myself, I took my camera for a walk. It hasn’t seen this much snow before, being fairly young. I met a woman (complete stranger) in the street who offered me a snowball fight, but I declined. Had I been younger I would have made angels in the garden, but there was a big risk I’d never get up again if I lay down.


2 responses to “Snow

  1. I’m in Germany now but as an Australian this is a bit more than I can cope with (and since my university has run out of salt and is now using sand I’m not the only one!) I cycled to work last week at -6 C and couldn’t breathe for the next half hour, so my bike moved to my office and I’ve been taking the bus. Snow is pretty, but I’d quite like normal life back!

  2. I wonder if I’m getting headaches due to ‘snow blindness’, mad though that may sound. Not my normal headaches at all.

    Son was impressed with snow treatment on the roads in Uppsala before Christmas, and I’ve never heard of people there running out of salt, but maybe they do.

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