Bye bye to the Tennanth Doctor

It was a better end than I had imagined. But it was still an end, and even the hardened witch felt a little upset at saying goodbye to David Tennant. So I can almost guess how Daughter felt. Almost. I had offered a very large hankie, but it had been declined.

The End of Time

David himself must have felt bad too, both at deciding to leave, and when filming the last part. Let’s hope he did the right thing.

Letting the Master be slightly less than totally evil seems to have satisfied Daughter. It didn’t bother me. But I was glad to see the last of quite so many Master faces. That grin could easily make a person go insane. So cactii is racist? Sorry, didn’t mean to be.

The Master

I was just about hoping they wouldn’t show Matt Smith in this episode, but I suppose if they’d left him out, it would have been harder still to break into the part. If we hadn’t been in mourning, he’d have been fine. I’m sure he was fine. Really.

They handled the Doctor’s goodbyes well. It sort of brought closure to things for all concerned. But Alonso? Honestly.

6 responses to “Bye bye to the Tennanth Doctor

  1. Oh, David Tennant, he will be missed at the Doctor. 😦

  2. In Russell T Davies, we see justification for the BBC’s previous discouragement of script editors writing their own serials. Every series should have a script editor with clout. This script should have been massively revised by Gary Russell but Russell T Davies is actually above him.

    And, boy, am I bored to tears of Davies’ pathological obsession with the end of existence / the void / the darkness / time locks.

    The Doctor falls thousands of feet out of a spaceship, crashes through a glass roof and hits a hard surface and then gets up with no explanation? This kind of thing completely destroys the believability of the story for the viewer. Ever seen Logopolis? (Why did David Tennant not put his foot down over something so completely ridiculous for the character as this being in the script? Even a jetpack would have been better.) The Doctor regenerates and the TARDIS blows up – ever seen Time and the Rani? Gallifrey positions itself right beside Earth and both planets are hardly affected – ever seen the Tenth Planet? The Doctor absorbs masses of radiation and needs to regenerate but he pops in to see a few friends first – ever seen Planet of the Spiders? And if the time war was locked and the Time Lords can’t get out of it, how could they send a signal (or psychic messages) out of it and Dalek Caan get into it? And why would Wilf knowingly knock four times?

    The days of Russell T Davies ignoring the requirement to make things sensible and explicable (such as the re-appearance of Rassilon) and therefore believable, are over. Writing sci-fantasy like Doctor Who with plot dependent non-sequiturs, while selectively ignoring the need to explain anything to viewers, is simply a sign of poor writing. Let’s hope Steven Moffatt doesn’t cave in to the same low standards.

  3. I agree.

    But, I feel that the whole idea of the Doctor is a little unlikely, so am not bothered by the details if I’m entertained.

  4. I hardly think that even a Timelord surviving a fall of that kind is “a little unlikely” even despite what happened to the fourth Doctor. This is a writer who insults your intelligence.

  5. A man flying around in a police box is a little unlikely. A person with that amount of knowledge of the history of Doctor Who is not RTD’s target audience. This is not science fiction. It’s science fantasy, and as such it’s main requirement is to entertain young people. If it accomplishes that, and the ratings seem to indicate that it did, then whatever adults think about it is superfluous.

  6. Thanks for those wise words, David. Flying police boxes have become increasingly rare, I find.

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