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NCIS:Los Angeles – Missing

The halfway cliffhanger. I didn’t see it coming, but I suppose it’s a good idea. I like Dom, but not so much that I’m heartbroken. On the other hand, Daughter said she likes him best, which was something I didn’t know.

First I was so cynical that I thought Shane Brennan felt NCIS: Los Angeles needed a larger audience, but maybe he’d planned this a long time ago. But it’s odd how much more engaged I feel after an ending of ‘is he dead or isn’t he?’ I went looking for more thoughts on the situation, and it seems that no one is safe from being experimented with and written out of the series, permanently or temporarily.

In fact, to me it wouldn’t have mattered who they did this to, which goes to show that I like watching, but have no particular need for any one of the characters. Whereas if they did this in NCIS I’d be ready for murder.

‘Every crook and nanny’ at St Trinian’s

It wasn’t too bad, that second St Trinian’s film. Not that I have seen the first one, and I gather the second is supposed to be worse. But I quite liked it. Funny and very light. And it had that Mr Darcy and the Doctor in it, so the scenery was OK, if you can ignore Rupert Everett’s teeth. I’m not keen on cross-dressing like that, though. Gives me a sort of eugh feeling.

Don’t believe they wore white sports socks in the sixteenth century, but David Tennant was cute tied up. Quite cute as the baddie, too. Dog was awfully cute, but according to Daughter I need to understand that Mr Darcy had killed its predecessor or some such ghastly thing. Which was not very nice.

A bit of education could be had through all that Shakespeare, and maybe I ought to go and have a look round The Globe one day. Agree with the critics who felt the school girls were too old. There must be plenty of suitable wannabe actresses aged 17, rather than these elderly 20+ people they had dug out from somewhere. Maybe they are famous?

‘Big fish, little fish, cardboard box’ is always amusing. And so is having the fat girl be the intelligent one. So unlikely. Although the actress has a good date for her birthday, I have to say.

NCIS – Jetlag

Di Nozzo and Ziva in Paris

Did they or didn’t they? That is the question. Tony and Ziva, in Paris, I mean. I suspect Shane Brennan hasn’t made his mind up, and is just teasing us. To some extent we have to consider Gibbs’s rule no. 12 about dating co-workers. It would ruin the flow on NCIS, so I don’t think it will happen.

Gibbs and Abby

Funny that they let Ducky do DiNozzo’s film comment, sitting in the shower in the corpse’s apartment. Cat litter seems quite topical these days, though spreading it over dead bodies is different from covering the snow with it. (‘Over my dead body…’) Sorry. Or in Abby’s hair.

Air rage with Ziva and Di Nozzo

Air rage is getting scarier, and I wonder if the episode was filmed this side of Christmas, or not. Were they oblivious of what happened then, or did they fit in with it? At least now I’ve seen what an Air Marshal might look like. Had imagined more kevlar vest and machine guns, but that might be OTT.

Deleting is so very hard to do

I had so many suspects in this one, that I’d run through most of them getting killed or becoming unwell, before settling on the real one, whom I’d half thought of to begin with but decided was too obvious. Perhaps they couldn’t make their minds up, either?

The scene of crime

Funny that Gibbs ended up with a bad shoulder the very same week that this witch has been almost unable to blog due to very bad shoulder, though not due to the same thing. I would like to save McGee’s life, but have to say that a painful shoulder is so not enjoyable.

Gibbs and McGee

It’s interesting how the chemistry between agents varies depending on who works with whom. I think Gibbs and McGee work very well together. Was I the only one getting flashbacks to Red Cell with the garage scene in this one?

Witness, DiNozzo and Ziva

I gather from Special Ops that the Tiva fans have been happy this week, but also that some people were almost fighting on the forum. Calm down dears, it’s just television… Though it is NCIS.

(Photos © CBS)

Skirtless at the Bridgewater Hall

That could be my worst nightmare. But it’s not me. It’s the young.

I accompanied Daughter to her GCSE certificates evening last night. Unlike when it was Son’s turn and we simply slummed it in the very cramped school hall, they have now gone to the other extreme and hired the Bridgewater Hall. And they’re charging for it.

Rumour had it that cocktail dresses or similar were to be worn, but that’s just too silly. A prom dress is one thing, but another dress to receive a piece of paper is not on. Daughter dressed nicely, but sensibly. So did the old witch, although no one looked at her.

I was slightly taken aback by the first one or two girls who appeared to have come half dressed, until I got used to the fact that those tight t-shirts were dresses. Of course they were. Some almost looked like dresses, albeit short short short. Shoes with heals that nobody could walk in.

The evening wasn’t bad in the end. A solid programme with music by the school orchestra (at least they can now say they’ve played at the Bridgewater Hall), songs from the choir and an extract from a play by the drama group, ‘rock’ song by the rock band.

And speeches. The Headteacher and the Head of Year and a retired PE teacher and sports star all spoke. Then there was the actress, the former student, who at the ripe old age of 23 or so offered advice on life. That’s all very well, but she could have shaved off two thirds of her talk without anyone suffering. In fact, we might not have suffered then. Unkind, I know, but it was ‘me me me.’

Drinks and mingling afterwards to show how grown-up we are, followed by a cold walk back to the railway station. Colder still for those who could have worn trousers but didn’t.

It was fairly memorable, I suppose. Particularly the floral t-shirt with sheer black tights directly underneath.

Vera and the next generation

What is the world coming to? As I went out for my Saturday afternoon walk I left Daughter at the kitchen table finishing off her Art coursework while listening to my old Vera Lynn cassette. The fact that it’s a cassette tells you it was a while since I got it. But she wanted to hear more music like We’ll Meet Again, so I reckoned Vera was the place to start.

Not sure where she can go from there, but I did get Glenn Miller out of his box.

Dates for the Millennium films

At long last we have dates for the Millennium films in Britain. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is finally going to be here on March 12th, The Girl Who Played With Fire on September 10th and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest on November 5th. So that’s only a year behind Sweden.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Be prepared for violence, but do go and see them.

Terry Pratchett platform at the National

I could smell Marmite. I’m sure of it. I looked around me in the Olivier stalls, hoping to catch the Marmite in action and frown a little, but the only thing I caught was a salmon salad in the row in front of me. Either it was a Marmite fed salmon, or the Marmite was elsewhere but so pungent that it made itself noticed all over.

Yesterday’s platform event with Terry Pratchett at the Olivier just before the evening performance of Nation was well attended, and people just love Terry. He was in good form, considering he’d already sat through at least four interviews, and had had barely time to be fed. Terry could have done with the salmon, I’d say.

On stage he was interviewed by Sara LeFanu, who got her dates and facts a little mixed up, but not about anything major. The drawback with a platform event featuring two people ‘in conversation’ is that the audience only gets half as much as they do with someone talking directly to the audience. I realise this suited Terry better, but we would all have loved more.

And although this was about Nation as a play, once Terry and Sara had talked about the background for the book, the Q&A session with the audience was almost exclusively about Discworld. Audiences tend to go really quite deaf when it comes to this kind of thing. They are asked to stick to certain topics, and then blithely go on about whatever is nearest to their hearts, anyway.

But it was good, with very heartfelt applause as Terry left again.