Palms in LA, NCIS style

There is no reason not to have a Christmas palm instead of the traditional spruce. At least not if you’re in California. So I think Callen was allowed to have his own style Christmas tree and we know that Hetty can deal with almost anything. But to follow on from my thoughts about her and clothes; can anyone imagine Gibbs decorating even his desk? He certainly let Daddy Gibbs down with the lack of seasonal cheer in his house last week.

Other than the tinsel on the set, it’s hard to fit California and Christmas into the same thought. It looked as sunny as ever, and they weren’t warmly dressed. (It must be sitting in a cold-ish house surrounded by snow that makes me crankier than usual.) But you could tell that they were aiming for some Christmas good will and soppiness quite early on, which rather helped in deciding who was naughty and who was nice.

Call me childish, but I like a seasonal flavour to my television series. What I like less, is having to wait three weeks for next time.

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