Father Gibbsmas calls

Gibbs in snow

Gibbs Sr

Christmas came early. Again. Not sure I want it to. Couldn’t they keep the NCIS Christmas episode until just before Christmas, and not the week before just before?

Oh, well. It was another loveable episode, whenever it gets broadcast, but I wonder if they got the timings slightly off? We could have had more Gibbs and Dad, more McGee and Admiral Whitebeard, and less murder, since it was quite clear that the murder was most incidental this time.

Meredith Eaton, NCIS


I think Gibbs and his Dad needed more time together than they got. And Abby and McGee could have used more meat for their little thing, too. Nice, and sad, to see Meredith Eaton as Abby’s friend. I still miss Marty, the man they sort of shared.

Who could say no to these sweet faces? Not McGee, the softie. Though I’m sure the ladies had practised those helpless looks.

McGee as Father Christmas

Secret Santa is good for some fun, but what do those Americans put in their personnel files? DiNozzo has a big heart, really.

Abby's kiss

Puzzled over Gibbs’ living room, which we’ve been led to believe had been dismantled. Either they filmed this ages ago, or they built it again. Or lied. They wouldn’t, would they?

The tree. It was there. And then it wasn’t. And back again.

Ducky and Gibbs Sr

Ducky drinking too much? No. But quite fun to see what he’d be like if he did.

From boatyard to the North Pole. Interesting to see what that basement can double as.


(Photos © CBS)

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