Help me out here, will you? Christmas carols are generally quite nice, one way or another.

Back in my foreign days we read about the quaint English custom of going carolling, which sounded really nice, both for the singers and the sung-to. We no longer live in charming little villages, with charming church choir quality type people doing the rounds singing Christmas carols outside people’s houses, in the snow, with robins nearby, and so on.

So why do young people still think carolling is a good idea? It is meant to sound good, isn’t it? They want money for their trouble, so I’d want something good in return. Or am I paying to get rid of them? And in general, should it not be my right to ignore them, not to have (bad) carols in the middle of dinner?

It’s nearly always boys of a certain age, who have never been able to sing to save their lives. Why now? Do they honestly believe they contribute to everyone’s well being in December? And why can’t they even sing something decent, however badly?

Today at dinner we had the same group of boys we turned away last week. Did they forget, or did they think we’d love them today?

I wish I could understand how their minds work.


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