‘A woman tormented by an abusive, sadistic husband desperately tries to find her way out of her predicament. She discovers that she may have found the solution in, of all places, her cooking class – she finds out that one of the men in her class is even more of a sadistic psycho than her husband, and she hatches a plan to get him to kill her husband.’

Casualties 2

As I was saying the other day, good looking actors can be bad for a film. But in Casualties from 1997 I’d say it’s the fact that Mark Harmon is quite so handsome which makes the chilling plot of the film so effective. I mean, would you expect to find Mark in a cookery class in the first place? And when he chats you up, and you ask what he does for a living, he smiles and says he kills people.


This film is good enough that you actually forget that you’re watching Mark Harmon. His Tommy Nance is so awful that you just want to kill him yourself. Poor Caroline Goodall as Annie has really jumped from the frying pan into the fire, and you soon give up any thoughts that this will sort itself out, as it gets worse by the minute.

Casualties 1

My DVD copy of Casualties comes subtitled in the four Nordic languages, and you can’t turn off the subtitles, so it’s a case of picking the least disruptive language. I was intrigued to find that the Swedish translator thinks Annie tries to attack Tommy with vinegar. It was rather stronger stuff than that.

The really funny thing about this film is the comment I came across in an online review, which said it was a shame that the two main actors weren’t younger and better looking…

4 responses to “Casualties

  1. This sounds great and I can actually imagine how good the acting is…I can certainly see Mark Harmon in that role simply because he acts so well without uttering a sound…his facial expressions often say it all.

    But I’m just a bit concerned that it will color my image of Mark Harmon when watching NCIS.

    Hmmmm…what to do…

  2. Nah, you’ll want to kill him, but can still go on loving Gibbs.

  3. Well, okay, then…will let you know what I think…

  4. Yes, I think it’s seeing our decisive Gibbs as a wishy-washy young pretty idiot in films that hurts the most. Some evil will always come in handy.

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