Pretty boys

She’s kind, that Catherine Shoard in the Guardian. In her interview with Zac Efron last week, she felt sorry for stretching Zac’s interview skills, which isn’t usually what reporters do when they find a struggling victim.

I have very little interest in, or knowledge about, Zac Efron. I only know him as the snivelling teenager taken in for questioning in an episode of NCIS season 3. There was an outlandish joke about testicle cuffs played on the two teenagers found with a stolen mobile phone in the woods. Later I was surprised to find that Zac was the male lead in High School Musical, something I never watched. I saw it flickering past on Daughter’s laptop screen on the train once, minus sound, and it didn’t make me to want to watch it.

So, just a pretty boy then, now trying for a life post-HSM. Catherine ponders whether he will be a Leonardo DiCaprio or a Chris O’Donnell. Hmm. I know Leonardo Di Caprio and I can’t stand him. I only know Chris O’Donnell from NCIS:Los Angeles, which is a current CBS show, and he is no longer a boy. I have to assume he was pretty once. Also guessing he is seen as a failure, unlike Leonardo?

But it’s an intriguing thought, this wondering what happens to pretty boys as they grow old. My thought when I saw the photo of Zac in the Guardian, was that given another 35 years and some wrinkles and greying hair and he can be a future Gibbs in NCIS. Because Mark Harmon is also a former pretty boy, who only manages to be Gibbs aided by age and some not unattractive wrinkles.

The Guardian headline wonders if Zac could play a psycho. Mark Harmon did – if Ted Bundy counts, and that other charming mass murderer Thomas Capano – but to my mind, not very well. Just too sweet looking. Much more menacing in Casualties, which is probably partly due to higher age.

Chris O'Donnell

I suspect that in NCIS:Los Angeles Chris’s Callen is intended as a younger ‘Gibbs’ figure. They certainly have the traumatic background necessary for women to go all lovey and protective. And I imagine that given another fifteen years the 39-year-old Chris will be Gibbsier still. If he can do it, maybe even Zac can, except that 58 seems light years away for the High School star.

Mark Harmon

Don’t know how Chris O’Donnell interviews, but Mark Harmon sits there every time and says the same things. Most fan reports go ‘… and he said what he always says …’, and an interview with a young Mark had him spouting clichés and nothing else very interesting. The older Mark is only marginally different.

So maybe Zac doesn’t have to have any deep thoughts that he can wax endlessly on about in interviews. Not all interrogators will be as understanding as Catherine Shoard, however.

7 responses to “Pretty boys

  1. Didn’t know about the “stereotype” of Mark’s interviews. *g* Chris’ are very funny. There are a few on youtube.
    Zac could really get in the league of “sweet boys got handsome men” one time.
    CU sindee

  2. Maybe I should look out for Chris on YouTube, then.

  3. I love Craig Ferguson! Thanks.

    Five children. Wow.

  4. well, so far I enjoy wacthing them

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