Los Angeles is improving

I decided to leave NCIS: Los Angeles alone to mature for a while. I don’t mean I didn’t watch it. I did. I just felt I wasn’t getting as excited as I’d have liked. The last three episodes have been markedly better, so I’m wondering whether the writers are learning as they go along, or if they use feedback? Could be sheer luck, I suppose.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Pushback and Ambush were both quite good, but now that I’ve watched Random on Purpose there’s no reason to hark back even to last week. We’d been waiting for this one, as Abby from NCIS was going to be in it for longer than just an appearance on screen from ‘Washington’. I still think Abby was scheduled in order to boost interest from original fans of the motherseries, except by now it was less necessary than it might have been.

Abby, NCIS: Los Angeles

Still find Hetty strange. Can you really have senior people in federal agencies quite so concerned with clothes?  I mean the stains on clothes and stuff like that. An interest in fashion is fairly normal. But, she is motherly, too, which I suppose is nice.

Anyway, back to Abby. She is called to Los Angeles to air her expert knowledge on a killer who leaves no traces. At all.

I knew that bar would be trouble. At least Abby kept her cool when things got hot. I was afraid she’d be more like she was at the nun’s house a couple of years ago.

Abby, NCIS: Los Angeles

Sam and Callen were almost as useful as Gibbs. I’m surprised Gibbs let Abby go. He won’t next time.

(Photos © CBS)

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