Thanks for NCIS at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at Ducky's © CBS

We don’t really ‘get’ Thanksgiving here in Britain. I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that it outranks Christmas, and I’d say that the NCIS team’s eagerness to escape having a case to solve over Thanksgiving suggests that it is important.

Gibbs © CBS

It was another child and family and sweetness episode in Child’s Play this week. I may be a soppy old fool, but I like those. And the togetherness of having turkey as a team is rather sweet. I wonder when Ducky will be allowed to admit that his mother is dead? I don’t mean that our favourite ME is hiding a dead mother, but as the actress has been dead for a year now, we could perhaps move on from the ‘home’?

Ziva and Gibbs © CBS

Clever children; are they ever as clever as the one in this episode? She was a match for Gibbs, and more than up to an elevator discussion, and she could analyse Ducky as well as he could her.

Ducky and turkey in autopsy © CBS

After last week’s power failure left NCIS staff using autopsy as a fridge, it’s a short jump to storing turkeys as well. At least if you’re Ducky.

McGee’s weight loss makes me green with envy. I hope it wasn’t just for the Thanksgiving excesses. Di Nozzo had cause to regret his excessive eating during the very Gibbsy car drive, and really did go green.

Driving at night © CBS

Abby wore an absolutely fabby dress, and I’m sure her cranberry sauce was almost as good as mine…

Thanksgiving at Ducky's © CBS

(Photos © CBS)

4 responses to “Thanks for NCIS at Thanksgiving

  1. Have just counted the wine glasses, and Di Nozzo appears to be drinking from two, both red and white.

  2. I loved this episode, too, for all the same reasons. Di Nozzo with two wine glasses does not come as a surprise. And it’s not an entirely bad thing, IMHO 🙂

  3. As long as he knows his left from his right.

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