Vampires v Werewolves

Werewolves that aren’t governed by full moons. What’s the world coming to? Despite not being a very doggie person I’ll have to go on the W side in this war of monsters, all wanting to be loved by Bella. The vampires are just too silly.

OK, so it was a half moon today when we walked home from watching New Moon. It wasn’t nearly as bad a film as I had feared. In fact, the film is quite good, and it’s not its fault that it’s based on a rather iffy book. Or so say I, who haven’t bothered reading the books. Because I haven’t had time, obviously. They are sitting waiting hopefully, but are sinking further down the pile every day. Daughter told me in no uncertain terms that New Moon is her favourite of the four books, so I’m clearly in the wrong.

I think maybe I’ll not read the books at all, if only to be able to judge whether the films make sense if you don’t already know the story. With Harry Potter I’ve always felt that without the books you are sunk. So far I’m all right with not losing the plot.

We chose early afternoon in order to avoid the screamers, and were entirely successful. The cinema was almost deserted, in fact. I was in the lull of migraine, but just about well enough to survive the film. It was the 25 minutes of advertising and trailers which nearly finished me off. They were more plentiful, louder and flashier than I have ever noticed before. The feature film was beautifully dark and quiet after that, and the tea and smuggled-in gingernuts helped, too.

New Moon

From my Facebook friends I had learned that I must go (zeitgeist, I gather), and also that there was a high bare chest count. There was, but I can’t say any of them did much for me. Not enough hair. And we liked Jake better after the haircut.

Other than Bella discovering that having a vampire boyfriend isn’t her only problem, she finds her best friend is a werewolf. Statistically one feels it’s a bit much to have so many monsters in the middle of the woods, but it’s fiction, after all. What do they all see in Bella, anyway? And why is she so dithery? Felt that poor Jake was unfairly treated.

Go see it. It’s not bad. Silly, yes.

4 responses to “Vampires v Werewolves

  1. Well, I’m a mother, a reading teacher, an English major, and an aspiring author. To write for YA audiences, you’ve got to be quirky. I mean, look at the types of entertainment they choose: blood-splattered video games, MTV videos that scream NASTY, and extreme sports.

    It’s not true of all teens, of course. Intelligence abounds in today’s teens, especially if it’s technology-related. A teen taught me how to use the features on my cell.

    I’ve read the Twilight series, and I give it a thumbs up. Why? Because after 15 years of teaching, I’m finally seeing kids excited about books the way they’re usually excited about paintball. True, Harry Potter gave kids a thrill too, but you mentioned screaming in the theater…

    Last year I helped our local library organize a Twilight Night. Every time we gave away a free book, girls screamed like Elvis had thrown them his sweaty hankee. It was awe-inspiring.

    All this over BOOKS. Cool.

  2. I fully agree with you. It’s wonderful when books have an impact. And I would want to at least read one Twilight novel, it’s just I’m seriously running out of time.

    Better than Elvis, eh?

  3. “werewolves that aren’t governed by full moons?”… What did you expect from shaved chest pseudo-werewolves?

  4. Yes, the shaved chests are a crime. Don’t know what they can have been thinking.

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