Cultured children

The first time I was accompanied by both Offspring to an interview I was afraid the interviewee would suspect I didn’t have a babysitter. But it went well, and then someone I trust suggested that it was actually quite a good idea, and maybe I should do it all the time.

There is a certain charm in young people asking questions an adult might not think of, or want to say out loud. And after a while I discovered child labour, which in our case is taking photographs. Now I worry about not having any available children to take along. They grow up, the sneaky little things. So, then you borrow somebody else’s child, a bit like you might in order to use a Family Railcard.

I suspect this interviewing with child in tow, is my version of what the Guardian’s culture critics wrote about last month in G2. I felt less of a freak after reading Play it again, Dad. Lyn Gardner, their theatre critic, may have got it just right when she said ‘Regular theatre-going may not produce children that are any more cultured than their peers, but it can do wonders for relationships. Could it be that the family that goes to plays together, stays together, too?’

Hah, that’s it!


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