Vampires, anyone?

I should have said yes. In retrospect, I know I should have grasped the opportunity – preferably with both hands – to come face to face with a fake vampire. Even Daughter was surprised to hear I’d been invited to the press conference with the New Moon vampires. Sorry, actors. But, I wonder if I’d have ignored it even if travelling to London hadn’t been slightly inconvenient that day? I think I might, because I’m not a teenager, and I have yet to understand the greatness of the Twilight saga and its films.

And I’m not a slave to Robert Pattinson’s charms. Opening any paper this week has informed me that everyone else is. Oh, well.

I will go and see the film. I’m fairly sure of that. With all the hoo-hah in the press, even I know that it’s out this week. Otherwise I wouldn’t have had a clue, let alone gone looking for the answer to my un-asked question. Book one is still sitting in a might-actually-read-this-one-day-in-the-next-year (or not) position. Maybe I should tell it not to get its hopes up.

I will be busy this coming week, so no telling when I’ll get to a cinema near me. I’ll want to avoid the crowds of wannabe vampires, though.

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