I enjoyed that! You won’t normally find the witch watching CBBC, now that Offspring are very, very old. Well, not of CBBC age, anyway. But Jinx, which started on CBBC on Saturday happens to be based on the Lulu Baker trilogy of books by Fiona Dunbar, and we like Fiona’s writing and we like her sense of humour. So we watched. (That’s a royal ‘we’, btw.)

Not having read Lulu Baker, I don’t know how much of Fiona’s books there is in Jinx, what with this ‘based on’ thing, but it was very funny and felt really Fiona-ish. I sat down with the first two episodes (of 13, I believe) this evening, as they are broadcast Saturday and Sunday mornings.

I do feel they miscalculated the start date, however, as the very hilarious zombie episode would have been perfect for Halloween, but I suppose a day later is OK, too.


Basically, we seem to be dealing with the step family problem, with Lulu and her Dad ‘marrying’ the lovely Stepmum and her son Torquil, who is a little challenging. This is humorous fantasy, with a fairy Godmother whizzing round, helping confuse matters. If things can go wrong, they will.

Some series like this can be too light in the script department, but Jinx feels well scripted, with none of the embarrassing stuff you sometimes have to put up with in children’s television. One small niggle would be that it’s too colourful, like most modern series, from Tracy Beaker onwards. I feel it makes programmes less attractive to adults (maybe that’s the point?), and could be seen as part of dumbing down for children. If it’s not exploding with colour, it’s not child friendly.

I’ll watch some more.


One response to “Jinx

  1. the halloween episode is a riot!

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