An NCIS Halloween night in

The witch's pumpkin

Ever the realist, I knew we wouldn’t manage three, let alone four, NCIS episodes on Halloween, even with our enthusiasm. So we watched Chimera the day before, because it’s ‘only’ spooky, and not really Halloween. And the question is whether that early bit of vomiting goes all that well with lunch? At least I don’t feel seasick by association, or I’d have had to join McGee with his travel sickness pills.

Abby in Witch Hunt

So after lighting the pumpkin in the front window we settled down with another two Halloweeny sessions. First the season four Marilyn Monroe episode,Witch Hunt, which is always good. Ducky looks particularly handsome in this one, I think, when he has tea with Ziva in autopsy. Although you can tell the tea cosy is brand new for the occasion, and not one he uses all the time. There’s a bit I still don’t entirely understand, towards the end, but I will one day. The line ‘he’s doing a lot of driving for a dead guy’ is good, though. Also need to brush up on my Klingon knowledge.

Code of Conduct

Not wanting to overdo things, we finished with the current Code of Conduct. After all, we might have missed something the first time round.

(Photos © CBS, and H Giles)

2 responses to “An NCIS Halloween night in

  1. I was unable to watch, darn it. Luckily I now have DVR available so I’ve set it to record every single show just in case. Anyway, Abby is gorgeous as Marilyn M., don’t you think? She looks good blond.

  2. I have an idea Pauley is a natural blonde, which would make the Marilyn look less preposterous.

    If you’re based in the US I think you can ‘watch again’ on the CBS website.

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