Code of Conduct

Dare I assume that even CBS expected to air episode 5, Code of Conduct, this week instead of last? It just doesn’t make sense to have an ‘eve of Halloween’ story eleven days before the day. To broadcast it on the Tuesday before Halloween would just about work.

Halloween lab

Sorry, just being a bit Aspie about it. Suppose I hadn’t quite got into a Halloween mood last week. NCIS haven’t done a real Halloween episode since season 4, I think. But this time of year makes for good background to a little bit of gruesome murder or whatever.

Agent David is finally with us, and it feels both good and slightly weird. Tony was back to being an idiot, and Palmer was incredibly brave in hoping to be kissed by the boss.

Pumpkin in autopsy

Gibbs was surprisingly light hearted and seasonal. You just never know when that man is going to be fun, and when he’ll slap people’s heads. All part of the charm…

And I knew immediately who the murderer was. Clever me.

(Photos © CBS)

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