The spider web tattoo

Around here we like to give people what they want. Within reason.

Gibbs and Abby © CBS

Who’d have guessed people would clamour quite that much after spider tattoos? But you are, and you are most likely here because you want one. The sensible ones will only want it for dressing up, and we all want to dress up to be Abby Sciuto, don’t we?

Abby © CBS

It’s not easy finding good photos of Abby with a clear view of the spider on her neck. Ever dutiful, I have taken it as my task to go through some episodes of NCIS to grab a tattoo as soon as I see a good one.

McGee and Abby © CBS

I don’t think it counts as stealing. Mr Bellisario should be pleased we like his creation so much. Just borrowing.

Abby © CBS

Being a little short on time, I have decided to publish photos bit by bit. After all, watching almost 150 episodes would take a while, even for a dedicated soul like the witch.

Gibbs and Abby © CBS

So enjoy these while you wait. Halloween is almost here.

(Photos © CBS)

PS You might also enjoy these Abby pictures from season two.

20 responses to “The spider web tattoo

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  2. PP may not want all those tats…I know I wouldn’t…ew..

  3. No, but apart from the spider web many of the tattoos are her own, so she’s clearly into that sort of thing. Personally I don’t have the neck for any tattoo…

  4. I love Abby and I am being her for halloween! She is the best! My mom and I are going to go and try to fined a tat that looks like this that is tep so that I can be her compleatly! 😀 They sell tats at the dollor stior by me and they sometimes have tats like this!

  5. I see that we can realate though! I’m adicted to ncis! 😀

  6. You are the best!

  7. Maybe you can take a photo of yourself as Abby? I’d love to see how it looks when trying to do a tat yourself.

  8. She looks good with that neck tattoo. Real or not, it kinda sets that character apart from the rest of the show.

  9. Yes, as someone who generally hates tattoos, I keep surprising myself.

  10. I’m getting the real thing.

  11. Maybe let us see a photo of it?

  12. didn’t happen. tattoo artist didn’t feel good about, too EX-CON, and I chickened out.

  13. Oh. Doesn’t he watch NCIS?
    I’m mainly concerned with tattoos on the neck which strikes me as extra painful, although I could be wrong.

  14. Hello, i have been trying to find this spider tattoo. I was a Great Abby last year, even dyed my hair black and had an artist draw the tat but rubbed off with my NCIS jacket. I am doing this again for a contest. Would love to put the photos on , but dont really know how. Computer illiterit. I love Abby. Thanks for your site, Tammy.

  15. Well, if you have a nice photo this year, tell me on Contact (top of page) and I can have you email it to me. I wonder how one gets a temporary tattoo that doesn’t rub off?

  16. henna is temporary and won’t rub off for a while.

  17. Fine point permanent marker works well too. While I am not doing Abby for Halloween I am going to attempt to replicate her neck tattoo for my costume. Thanks for the great pics they are coming in handy. Fingers crossed and we’ll see how it goes 😀

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