More tea

To continue with the tea theme from yesterday’s blog, I actually managed to sit out on the deck with a mug of tea and a slice of toast with the Resident IT Consultant’s plum jam on Saturday afternoon. When I discovered that it was both sunny and quite warm, I felt it was sensible to make use of the garden furniture that some lazy soul has omitted to store for the winter.

I happen to have an especially good idea of how rare it is with tea-outside-weather on the 24th of October. Seventeen years ago (are you ready for a year-by-year account?) it was dark and very wet and dismal, although the sun peeped out for ten minutes or so just after four in the afternoon.

OK, I’ll speed up a little. 1995 was by far the best, when we had almost summer conditions, which was most useful for a party with far too many guests. Everyone we invited could come (!), so it was lucky that we had a warm and sunny day, as well as a marvellous train bouncy castle in the garden. After that it’s been pretty grim most years.

Five years ago at the tennis club we had a stroke of luck when the deluge held off for the two hours the party lasted. So, in actual fact, I have not had time to step outside with mugs of tea most years. It helps if the birthday child goes away, which removes the need for partying.

Didn’t even have to bake a cake.


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