Good Cop, Bad Cop

Wow! That’s all I can say about NCIS episode 4. No, it isn’t. I can say lots.

McGee and Abby

I suppose we needed episodes 2 and 3, and they were by no means bad or uninteresting, but 4 comes straight after 1 in a way. There was a lot of speculation beforehand on who was going to be bad and who was going to be good. When we saw Vance in action, we almost thought we knew he was — and so did Gibbs. Turns out it was the other way round.

In autopsy


The next question is who they did the good cop, bad cop to, and the answer is that it varied. And quite frankly, I’m concerned about real life relations between NCIS and Mossad. Hope they all know it’s fiction.

Ducky was unusually firm, which was good to see. Ziva was most un-Ziva-like, and Abby was fierce-ish. DiNozzo and McGee were pretty much themselves. When they’re not fighting, Vance and Gibbs work well as a pair.

Turns out that Gibbs knows about love other than tough love, but Ducky did have to ask.

(Photos © CBS)


2 responses to “Good Cop, Bad Cop

  1. I really enjoyed that episode. Was sad that Eli turned out to be evil because, even though she would deny it, Ziva seemed sad. I liked the balance that Gibbs offered…kinda took the sting out of the bad dad. Real life Mossad? Yeah, I’m with you, there…a teensy bit nervous. Kinda wondering if Abby had a little something done to her lips…?

  2. Might be the lipstick, because sometimes she looks like that, and then at times she doesn’t.

    I don’t think Eli is bad, actually. He’s just having to do bad things.

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