NCIS: Los Angeles continues

I’ve not yet fallen for the LA characters, as I did with NCIS. Actually, that’s inaccurate. It did take a while to become friends with Gibbs and Co, but I loved Ducky from the start, and what’s more; I felt the characters were trying to act normal. I also felt they were recreating as normal an NCIS setting as possible. LA is beginning to feel fantastic and unreal.

Or is it just me?

The episodes are well written, so are worth watching. But they don’t have that extra special something, yet.

NCIS-Los Angeles

The office. What kind of office is that? (Photo © CBS)

And that tune. I barely notice it, and I wouldn’t recognise it. I gather it’s great. Daughter wanted it as her ringtone. So she set about getting it, only to find when she had done so, that Son already had it as his.

Oh well. At least they agree on something.

2 responses to “NCIS: Los Angeles continues

  1. Where can you get the NCIS Los Angeles theme song as a ringtone. I really want it but can’t find it anywhere.

  2. Ooops, I love the NCIS LA show, who could not watch the characters in it and the episodes are great, a tangent from the original but I liked it at first viewing.

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