News from Natalie Whittaker

Roger Whittaker and grandchild

We have a new letter from Natalie Whittaker with some family news from 2009 on the Roger Whittaker website. As usual they seem to have gone for eventful and lots of things happening, rather than slow and boring.

I’m always amazed and impressed that Natalie finds the time to keep in touch with fans. Just wish that one year the Whittakers could have all the fun they want, but none of the hassle and bad stuff.

One response to “News from Natalie Whittaker

  1. Hello Mrs. Whittaker,

    I am great fan of Roger’s, and really love watching and listening to him on Youtube.’ I wish I could meet him, and you.’ I wish Roger was my father.’

    I’m aged 48, and live in Dublin, Ireland but originally come from Galway. I’m also a wheelchair-user, having had Ataxic Cerebral Palsy from Birth. This type of Cerebral Palsy that I’ve got, affects the body’s co-ordination and balance, I also get involuntary movements, and a few spasms, but I am well able to speak, having only a mild speech impediment. My disabiliity is only physical, there’s nothing wrong with me, mentally.’ I live in a Residential Service [Cheshire House] for people with physical disabities.

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