McGee and Ziva

I’m less convinced that I want to work for Gibbs now. There is this issue of him and toilets. Sometimes people need to go, and he will need to learn to let them. Maybe I could teach him some manners?

Ziva and Gibbs

Episode two of NCIS was a series of reunions, with people needing to get things off their chests. You can’t just go back to what used to be, considering what’s happened. And perhaps you can’t anyway?

Ziva and Di Nozzo

Gibbs may have his basement and the lift to conduct conversations in, but Ziva favours the men’s toilet. Hope it smells better than some. Not that I’m saying I have a vast knowledge of these things. Now that the boat’s gone it’s time for Gibbs to offer more in the way of seating comfort, considering he receives visitors all the time, from ‘satnav’ down.

Ziva and Abby

Abby has a more straightforward technique for getting things off her chest, and we love her for her outspokenness. We actually love her for just about everything, and even Ziva seems to know what Abby means.

Director Vance, and McGee and Di Nozzo

Whenever you get an English character, I always expect them to be the baddie. And is it McGee or Di Nozzo that the Director loves?

(Photos © CBS)


6 responses to “Reunion

  1. I thought the whole Tony/Gibbs toilet thing was goofy, actually. And Ziva in the men’s room…what was THAT about? And where is Gibbs’ boat…did I miss that episode? Seriously.

    I’m still addicted and the show still rocks but that episode was not up to par.

  2. Yes, Tony should be man enough to go to the toilet without asking the boss, but I suspect they did it to lead up to Ziva cornering him in there. I knew she’d be in there as soon as Tony ‘crossed his legs’ and needed to go. They think Ziva’s forays into the gents’ is amusing, so will keep it up for a bit longer, I expect.

    Since it’s impossible to get a boat out, they’ve clearly opted for the annoying and mysterious route. At the end of last season Gibbs was simply found in the basement sweeping an empty floor. And Ducky tried to ask, but was cut short. There is no explanation, so we can’t have one. I’m just wondering what they’ll do next for Gibbs to tinker with.

  3. Well, I obviously missed the ‘sweeping an empty floor’ bit. You’re right, tho…something else will replace the boat.

  4. As someone who utterly hearts Abby but doesn’t get FX, I don’t suppose you know when NCIS return to Channel Five? I’ve got put onto you from my partner as he’d found you’re posting about Lisbeth Salander and the Larsson books: excellent site btw!

  5. Thank you!

    So we both like Lisbeth and Abby? I didn’t know anything about NCIS on Five, so went to investigate. This is all they have to say:

    ‘We have acquired the rights to Series 6 but these do not begin until December. It is unlikely that episodes from this series will be screened until 2010.

    Series 5 concluded on Five on 18th May.’

    So, it will turn up, eventually. Not fast enough for fans, I feel. Even Sweden where they often get things very late indeed, are most of the way through series 6.

    Series 6 is available to buy as DVD R1, if that is any good?

  6. Ta for the info! Yes, Lisbeth and Abby – definitely two favourite heroines!

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