So how are Anvil doing?

Now that I’m going gaga and am beginning to reminisce and all that, it’s time to look at Anvil again. I really, really hope they will be going places now. It’s looked promising for them this year, after the film The Story of Anvil. I hadn’t realised that the DVD is already available to buy here in Britain, and it will be hitting the American shops some time next week. Buy it if you missed the film in the cinema. You could even buy it if you didn’t. I saw the film twice and could still see myself owning the DVD.

The ill-fated album, This Is Thirteen, which we saw being recorded in the film is also out, on CD and LP. Anvil have done some gigs in record shops in connection with the album release, and I see on their website news page that they are on television next week. I’m an idiot, but wonder if it’s Canadian television.


They have done some concerts and have more lined up for next year. I wonder if Lips is still doing school meals, or if he’s been able to give up his day job? I feel a little like a mother, hoping they’ll do very well, while not being a metal fan myself. And speaking of family, I gather Lips’ sister has had her money back.

(Photo H Giles)


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