Compared with the rest

Most of the men who review films got it totally wrong when it came to Mamma Mia. They seemed to think it was OK to ridicule this film, and then I get the impression they needed to turn their coats the other way when it became clear they’d been a little hasty.

I do believe in myself and in my own impressions of films. But at the same time I like to compare my own views to those of someone who reviews for a living. It’s not a good idea to read their reviews before I’ve written mine. I find I tend to see a film about nine days before it’s in the cinemas, and it’s often the same day that the Guardian will have their review.

So what I’ve ended up doing is writing and preferably posting mine, and then I will read what Peter Bradshaw and others thought. For the most part we are in agreement, and with Mamma Mia in mind I’m almost annoyed with myself.

Last Friday I went to see Creation in the afternoon of the day it was released, and I accidentally leafed through the Guardian review section that morning. I caught sight of their review and noticed the three stars before I clamped a hand over it and quickly turned the page. Afterwards I agreed on the number of stars, but interestingly Peter Bradshaw and I liked and disliked different aspects of the film.

Also noticed that I’m coming full circle, as my first film preview was shown on television this week.


One response to “Compared with the rest

  1. It was Film & Music actually… not review.

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