The Ipcress File

What’s on your mind when you think of The Ipcress File? I noticed it was on television again a week or so ago. Didn’t watch, but then I’ve seen it a few times.

What comes to my mind is school. I was too young to have had any interest in the film when it was first in the cinemas. So by the time it became a school subject, the film felt slightly old-fashioned to me, and Michael Caine was positively ancient. Luckily, he’s got younger since then.

The Ipcress File

I suppose you have to admire Swedish schools for taking English seriously. We were given the film script for The Ipcress File, and studied it both in class and took it home to read. It had vocab and all sorts of information. What it didn’t have was an end. That would have ruined the experience for us, I suppose.

After studying it carefully and learning some of the difficult words, we all went off to a cinema in town for the afternoon to watch the film, totally sans subtitles. Two new things there; cinema in the afternoon, and lack of subtitles.

I think what surprised me was that it was actually a very good film. I didn’t think school had it in them to offer anything worthwhile. And Michael Caine was ancient, but still pretty OK.


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