‘You don’t look batty…’

‘Is it close to Midsomer, do you think?’ asked my companion in front of the television on Sunday. It looked a little Midsomerish, where Miss Marple went to investigate a possible murder or three. More like five or six before this lovely village was done.

Murder Is Easy certainly proved to be true. You could just tell who was on the bumping off list. And it was Moaning Myrtle who did it.

It was further away from Midsomer than you’d think. Miss Marple was found not to be even slightly batty by an awfully young ex-policeman from somewhere in the old empire. He can’t have been retired, can he, that delicious looking Benedict Cumberbatch? He proved that beauty does not mean you have to be ill equipped in the brains department. And that sweet young local policeman proved a very worthy companion to Jane Marple.

I’m surprised at how good the script was, having almost given up on ITV. This was positively intelligent. Although sometimes you get exhausted just trying to see the same old actors as the character they are portraying this time, rather than the one(s) you may know them as from somewhere else.

I’ll assume this was the reason my companion slept through the middle of Murder Is Easy. Won’t name him/her.


One response to “‘You don’t look batty…’

  1. Hmm, I take some of that back. It was a long time since I read the book. Very long.

    People with a better memory than me have pointed out that a lot of free interpretation of the plot took place:


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