and David Attenborough on floor polisher

‘Is this Rule Britannia?’ asked Daughter. Most of the time it was Händel and lots of fireworks all over the place. Very nice fireworks.

Once Rule Britannia was on, she did recognise it. One clue tends to be the outlandish garments. This year it was the Nelson look. Fun, but not necessarily the loveliest of styles on Sarah Connolly. She looked much more beautiful earlier on. The red dress was good. And much as I like Rule Britannia, I hate it sung by women. That’s not being sexist, I hope. There is something about it that makes me feel as if I’m suffocating and can’t get enough air. The Gershwin was good, and so was whatever it was Sarah sang while wearing the red dress. I wasn’t paying full attention to programme details at all times, I’m afraid.

Prom programme

And how can soloists be both good enough to play solo on live television like this, and be so pretty? I can’t have been the only one to forget about Alison Balsom’s trumpet playing. For the record I preferred her first dress to the second one.

The house cleaning music piece was not particularly enjoyable. If that’s supposed to be good, then it’s like Stravinsky to me. Can’t tell if David Attenborough was skilful with the floor polisher, but he was good at leaning this way and that.

It’s funny with conductors at these type of events. If they are new (to me) I feel suspicious of them, and then by the end I love them and think they should come every year. The Yank David Robertson did well. He was quite sweet, too, and looked so happy over Auld Lang Syne. He was funny for someone from California. (Sorry, that was un-called for.) Would have liked to hear more about his adverbs, however. Next time, maybe?


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