Countdown to NCIS series 7

Two weeks to go, and every sign I see which shows I’m not alone in my obsession is very welcome. NCIS starts again on 22nd September, and we’re sufficiently close now that I feel confident we can manage the remaining time.

Someone who has a slight problem with this date is crime writer Sara Paretsky, who is also a fan of NCIS. Just goes to show that great minds think alike! Sara has a new book out soon, which is good for all us V I Warshawski fans. The thing is that Hardball is out on the 22nd September, and Sara has a book tour to go on. Aargh!

NCIS series 7 episode 1

Sara also worries about the fate of Ziva, as she feels CBS are killing off the women, one by one. But I’m pretty certain there is life in Ziva still, despite this early photo from the first episode, which shows DiNozzo and McGee interviewing possible replacements for Ziva.

It’s just for show… Really.


8 responses to “Countdown to NCIS series 7

  1. I hope you’re right about Ziva, Culturewitch!

  2. Do you think they’ll bring Jardine back in this season?

  3. Doubt it. Though if they read this, they can always do the exact opposite of my perfectly correct assumption. Hello, CBS, are you too reading CultureWitch?

  4. Saw just a little clip of the new season and it looks like Tony might be the hero in the first episode. I had a nasty nagging feeling that he might be sacrificed to save Ziva. Hope not. He couldn’t be replaced. I don’t think. That’s end of the season stuff, anyway.

  5. Unless Michael Weatherly wants out, I wouldn’t have thought so. Whether we like him or not, we need him (never thought I’d say that!). Just look at how Langer was made all useless and goofy a year ago, to look like a DiNozzo clone. Though how he and Ziva can get along after last spring, I don’t know. She will need to have had a good reason for behaving as she did.

  6. Maybe he’ll transfer to L.A. – ha! Actually, I like him.

  7. Hmm, someone has to.

  8. >>Whether we like him or not, we need him<<

    This is what I say. The dynamics would be quite different without him.

    Not to mention the slashfic (looks guilty).

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