Happy Birthday to us

Culture is one today, Mark Harmon is 58 and the Grandmother is, well, a nice round figure. Happy Birthday to all!

Mark Harmon

I’m sorry I’ve been a little remiss in posting here recently. Don’t ever go to the Edinburgh festival, especially the Book Festival, if you want to have a life at the same time. As I said here a year ago, September brings with it a hope for new beginnings, and I’ll have another go with good intentions from today onwards.

Films will be watched, concerts may be attended and some drama would be good, as long as it’s not at home. May waffle about music and television, and will try to stay off food. Though there is this nice tapas place in Stirling we went to last week… Mediterranéa it’s called. Aunt M had been before, or so Sailor Cousin claimed. Aunt M couldn’t remember, but it seems she had enjoyed it, and the food. She did this time, too.

Princess cake

Will try not to be too birthdayish, and I did say no food, but a blog has to have a cake now and then.

And I seem to recall that one early post last year was about Frank Cottrell Boyce, so there is symmetry in him having got something on television again.

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