Framed is my most favourite Frank Cottrell Boyce novel, and its position has been confirmed with last night’s film on BBC. It was a case of laughing and grinning from start to finish, and that’s getting rarer by the week. I’m guessing Frank wrote the screenplay, because it was a most sensibly adapted script. Yes, you have to make it shorter and snappier, but it hadn’t been butchered as so many books are.

It starred the two Eves, Eve Myles and Trevor Eve. EM brings a nice touch to anything she’s in, and although I’d imagined TE’s character to be more FBI agent-ish, this was fine. The children were all marvellous and almost exactly as they should be. The Frank C B cameo may not have been great acting, but it was great to see him.

Lovely scenery, and the bit where the lorries all drive up the hill managed to be almost as amusing as in the book. The butcher was lovely, and the petrol station was a real gem. Was it real? Dylan’s obsession with facts and figures was almost lost, but his little sister’s cunning was all there. Older sister’s preoccupation with her looks worked well, and even the baby put on a good show baking cakes.

Will need to watch this again.



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