Pumpkin scones

‘They don’t do things like scones’, said Son scornfully. This was after I had reported buying a really very nice scone at Stirling station’s Pumpkin café last year. It came as a real saviour at the time, because I badly needed something properly nice, rather than just sweet and fattening, with a cup of tea, to take on the train. Fatigue had stopped me popping into M&S, and some witchy twitch clearly prevented me from getting a Costa something or other. I inadvertently saved myself for the scone.

The station also has handy ledges on the platform where you can put your tea down, unwrap your scone and butter it with the knife and butter supplied.

Son decided that there must be someone with business ambition at the Stirling Pumpkin who bakes scones to sell. Did I mention they taste  home made?

Ten months on I was in even more dire need of a lovely scone, so hoped with all my heart that the scones would still be available. They were.

But I do wonder if all Pumpkins sell scones, because I couldn’t help noticing that the Haymarket branch had scones, albeit the industrial, plastic variety. So what Stirling has are home made quality scones, that are actually worth buying. And I hope I’m not jinxing future scone supplies by telling you all this.


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