Kate O’Mara is 70

I can’t believe Kate O’Mara is 70! She’s the type of actress who you somehow feel will never grow old. I don’t mean the alternative either. I don’t know what I mean, in actual fact.

Kate isn’t someone I have seen a lot of, and I’m not her greatest fan or anything, but she is significant. Back in 1970 the witch visited Pen Friend in Surrey, and Pen Friend’s mother had a whole lot of entertainment up her sleeve. One of which was a trip to the theatre. I think it may have been in Bromley. I was quite hazy both about where I was and where I was taken.

We saw Ten Little… Oops. What is the correct title for Agatha Christie’s novel these days? Anyway. You know the one I mean. People keep dropping dead. Kate O’Mara was in it, as the beautiful young lady. And they cheated and let her survive, so there was a kiss with another survivor who was very handsome.

I didn’t pay a lot of attention to Kate, really. As far as I was concerned, the excitement was attending real live theatre in England. But soon afterwards I was watching The Brothers on television, and I was surprised to see Kate there. I didn’t know that television stars also acted live on the stage. There was a lot I didn’t know. But it was exciting.

Happy 70th, Kate!

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