A waffle stop tour

And thank God for the Norwegian seamen’s church in Gothenburg.

The Resident IT Consultant and his witch have rarely been so close to complete meltdown as on Friday. And yes, it’s taken me three days to muster up the strength to even blog after that.

Daughter required a visit to Liseberg, the Gothenburg theme park. Son and Dodo were willing to keep her company. The adults should have known better. Anyway. We drove leisurely, stopping first at the Sia-Glass ice cream factory in Slöinge for Dodo’s purchase of ice cream sauce to take back to Britain. Then a longer stop at Freeport, Kungsbacka’s retail outlet.

Then the bad decisions kicked in, because lunch at Ikea may be cheaper than elsewhere, but with those July holiday queues we should have got out even faster than we did. Still hungry, and it was late by this time. OK, we could look for pizza places in Mölndal on our way in to Gothenburg. We could have, had the Resident IT Consultant not whizzed past all the exits on the motorway.

So, let’s aim for Liseberg, then, and pick something up to eat there, awful though it may be. After negotiating two sides of Liseberg on the outside, narrowly avoiding getting stuck across tram tracks with hired car with weirdest handbrake ever, we spent quite some time driving round the car park. We had lots of company, because many others did the same thing.

At this point I kicked the little ones out of the car, saying they were big enough to cope on their own, and go in there and have fun (hah) while we park. Somewhere. Perhaps. We drove. We drove some more. Still in the same car with the same handbrake. Stopping on steep hill to look at map, behind parked cars. Still with the same handbrake… Phone call from little ones to say Liseberg had given up on the idea of taking payment in plastic and they were traipsing round for cash machine.

Drove some more. Drove past little ones who had found money somewhere. Drove. Drove. Oh, and did I mention I was aiming to be at the cinema at ten past three?

We had a dinner date in the suburbs with Pippi after six. Decided at this rate we may as well go there immediately and park. Maybe even stay there and leave little ones to their fates. Pulled into 30 minute layby to consult more maps, phone Pippi, and breathe. We were outside the Norwegian Seamen’s church, which incidentally is next door to the cinema. The witch decided to use the church’s toilet on the grounds that churches are nice places , and we are members of the Scandinavian seamen’s church in Liverpool, so were practically at home, so to speak.

WC requirement dealt with, there was a tantalising smell of waffles. The sign said they were open for coffee and waffles all day. On investigating some more, space to park the car and its handbrake – legally – came to light. I’m not saying where. Early Pippi plans were scrapped and two demented people decamped to the church’s coffee room and ate waffles. We had still not had lunch, as you may remember.

Ate more waffles. And possibly some more still. Hard to recall. We spent 90 minutes in that blissfully quiet, empty, comfortable waffle heaven.

It was five past three as we began, and all thoughts of the cinema had to be scrapped, despite being next door. Sanity was begging to be restored. I checked on the little ones that they were OK. Found later they had also had waffles at Liseberg, although theirs cost rather more. We rendez-voused at the church later on, and Daughter received short guided talk on its architecture from friendly Norwegian, before we took off for Pippi’s.

Since the purpose of this post is to praise the church and its waffles (did you know Norwegian waffles are especially nice?), I shouldn’t criticise Liseberg. We usually love it, and I’m sure at some later stage I will blog about its charms, but I do not understand the ban on card payment. It’s not really their fault the car parks were clogged up with Liseberg visitors. They even repaid Son and Dodo for their tickets to ride, when Son got irate over having paid 600 kronor (£50) to go nowhere at all. In three hours Daughter managed four rides for her 300 kronor, which even in a good mood I think is really poor. The others watched. And ate waffles.

There may be more waffling here later.

2 responses to “A waffle stop tour

  1. Annika Johannesson

    Vad gör man inte för att få en bra blogg!

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