“Their tyres, not their throats”

NCIS 5.14 has to count as one of my most favourite episodes. We watched it  recently, again, when we needed cheering up. Have already forgotten why we needed cheering, but not what we watched to treat the symptoms.

I think it might be because in ‘Internal Affairs’ our gang are on the outside, having been put out of business by the FBI. Not out of action, though, and they use their spare time efficiently, solving the case from Gibbs’ basement, using his ancient computer (just the fact that he ever had one makes the mind boggle) and his even dustier printer. And McGee is too polite to tell Gibbs what he thinks of his dated equipment.

‘Do what you do best’ says DiNozzo to Abby as she goes to be interrogated by Fornell. ‘Dance?’ she says. Well, that would have been fun. Her slurping CafPow and waffling is pretty good, too.

I’m reminded of no 5.14 more often than any other episode, as I happen to have a still as my wallpaper. I was watching when the phone rang, so I paused. After staring at the screen for all of the phone conversation, I decided I liked it, so saved it.

But what I like best is when Gibbs hands Ziva a knife and tells her to deal with the FBI, outside. ‘Their tyres, not their throats’, he reminds her as she sets off.

2 responses to ““Their tyres, not their throats”

  1. I love this episode as well 🙂

    Happened upon your blog, love the theme!

  2. Thanks, Zivachild!

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