Cake and fleas, jam and thunder

It was a good idea Son had. Get the bus to Harplinge, a few miles away, have elevenses at Börjes and then walk the mile or so to the big farm where the annual flea market was being held. Afterwards we could walk home. Nice morning outing.

The weather wasn’t too promising, but the rain held off as we sat in the café. Nice Prinsess pastries were consumed, and lots of great bread was bought to take home. It rained a little en route for the fleas.

The farm is on a narrow, not very busy side road in a field. I have never seen such a jam before in our quiet part of the countryside. Cars can’t usually meet on this road, so to have loads of traffic in both directions was slightly problematic. Suspect the rain that was coming down quite nicely by then was part of the cause. If you can’t go to the beach, you go to the flea market.


Good thing we didn’t need anything. The crush was tremendous, and the temptation to buy was, too. You could have furnished and equipped a home with what was for sale. Cheaply. But I don’t have an empty home.

When both we and the fleas were exhausted we walked home through the beautiful countryside. The beautiful countryside with heavy rain and thunder. Great idea.

I’m still trying to get our things dry. Wonder why that job usually  falls to the mother of any family?

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