Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

‘It was good, but some things were missing. And they’d added other things instead.’ This was Daughter’s verdict of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, after we’d finally seen the film. Son and Dodo agreed, whereas the witch has to admit to a short memory, that means she can’t quite remember what happened in which book.

But, yes, some things were missing, but perhaps understandably so. The question is why they feel the need to add things that were never in the book at all? Burning down The Burrow may be a brilliant idea, but don’t we need it again?

The Prime Minister thing at the beginning of the book is one of my most favourite favourites, and it was missing. The Tonks and Lupin love affair was simply an accepted fact, rather than a lovely, romantic struggle.

It was quite a nice film. I can only assume that all viewers are presumed to know the book, as I doubt that anyone coming fresh to the film would understand why anyone said or did anything at all.

I believe some people are not reading the books, now that you can have it on film. I hope this applies to very few ‘fans’, because you really don’t get anywhere near full Harry Potter value watching the films. But each to his or her own…

Wonder why Snape’s hair is no longer greasy?

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