Remembering the moon

As I hinted, there were more Tom Hanks related things happening chez bookwitch last week. By pure chance I happened to notice that television had his series From the Earth to the Moon on late at night. They are broadcasting two episodes back-to-back so we missed the first two, but the remaining ten should be manageable.

It was a bit of a marathon in front of the box, with more watchable things on a Wednesday night, but we are dedicated around here, so persevered.

The first (i.e. the third) episode was the one about Apollo 7 and Walter Schirra, ably played by Mark Harmon. That’s what we call luck, getting here just in time for that particular episode. We also watched Apollo 8, which is about as far back as my real memory goes as regards the Apollo programme.

For episodes five and six we were joined by the Resident IT Consultant, who seems to find space fun, too. Luckily Son and Dodo are people with real lives, so they were able to resist. It was the Lunar Module this week; the one on Apollo 9 and the Apollo 11 Eagle, which a few of you will have heard of.

Nerds that we are, we are looking forward to the rest. And I’m certain that most of the actors have done a stint on NCIS at some point or other.

3 responses to “Remembering the moon

  1. Another Anne

    Not trying to be annoying, but it is a pity you missed episode 2, about the Apollo 1 fire and its emotional fallout.

    I liked Joe Shea and Deke Slayton discussing how everyone was handling it, followed by

    Shea: How are you handling it?
    Slayton: I’m drunk.

  2. Don’t tell the Resident IT Consultant, but I’m seriously considering paying for the whole caboodle at some point.

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