Knut or krona?

Who’d have thought that seeing Harry Potter would be such a challenge? Not only did I fail in getting to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo last time in Sweden, because it was on too late at night. Now I can’t see it at all, as it’s no longer on around here. But Harry Potter is, and contrary to Daughter’s fears that there would be a delay because Sweden is behind with things, The Half Blood Prince is out today, as in most places around the globe.

The timings of the film are fine. Buying tickets is a struggle, though. Went to town last week, intending to get them then. Cinema not open until much later. Home to phone. Phone number is for Stockholm and does not deal with tickets. Website is slow and badly designed, but try for long enough and you can work out how to book tickets.

First day sold out. Second day a bit iffy. Third day fine. Choose tickets. Give card details. Stupid idea. They don’t take foreign cards.

So, it’s square one again.

Me, I’m not too fussed when I see the film. Daughter would like to see it early. But I don’t want to spend half a day on the bus there and back only to buy the tickets. I suspect that the first available day will have moved further away by now, so it won’t be early.

Have decided not to think about it, and perhaps things will work out somehow. Best not try too hard.

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