Särdals Kvarn

Särdals Kvarn

We went for a walk the other day. At least that’s what it was supposed to be. Our visitors fancied a trip to the nearby windmill, Särdals Kvarn, which now is more of a museum piece. And a shop, selling local produce. So for some, the walk cost a bit of money. But it was still a walk in the sunshine. Being July, it was also rather difficult to cross the main road on foot, because far too many tourists were out airing their cars. They should have walked, too.

Don Quijote

It’s odd, because we have all been there lots of times, and we have all seen the statue outside lots of times, too. It wasn’t until this time that we all, simultaneously, noticed it’s dear old Don Quijote standing there  with Rocinante. When the mill ceased being a home in the 1990s, it was first made over for use as an art gallery. Hence all the art in the garden. They also have an indoor art exhibition most of the time.

Bottled fruit


A few years ago the art gallery turned into a shop selling jams and things from the surrounding area. So now you can buy lovely local jam and drinks made out of local soft fruit. There is a fruity tea blend called Särdals-blandning, which I love. You can buy crisps made from beetroot and parsnip. Local honey. And chocolate with odd flavours and gifts, and lots more.

School Friend isn’t the only guest who enjoys a visit to the mill. I dragged GP Cousin and Swiss Lady there once, and whereas GP Cousin stolidly sat in the car park waiting for us, Swiss Lady regularly feels the need to return with a freshly stocked wallet.


And they have a café. Naturally. May return to that later. Both to blog, and possibly to eat and drink.

(Photos by H Giles)


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