That – Rejseholdet – is the Danish title of what I ordinarily refer to as Mordkommissionen; the Danish police series that we tend to watch on holiday. Daughter soldiers bravely on, understanding a snippet here and there. I just sit back and enjoy the Danish-ness of it all, wondering if I could ever speak like that. Most likely not.

Felt so carried away with the Norwegian series on Wednesday, that to move on to the neighbouring country only made sense. Having tried to catch the same episodes on television every summer, I finally caved in and bought the DVDs on a Swedish internet auction site. So now we’ll work our way through all the episodes.

Charlotte Fich

It’s got an early Mads Mikkelsen as a sometimes troubled police officer. The one I really like, however, is the female boss, played by Charlotte Fich. And Daughter loves LaCour. He’s cute, and a bit psychic.

Rejseholdet is a word I don’t really understand. It sounds a little like a word for suitcase, but I suspect it’s the lorry trailer that they use as their mobile headquarters. I’m guessing that Denmark being a small country, the specialist murder squad is the one and only, so need to travel to where the murders happen. And unlike The Wire, they didn’t like being stuck in a basement somewhere.

4 responses to “Rejseholdet

  1. Preben B Knudsen

    Dear Culturewitch,
    As one of you fans, I can’t resist on commenting on this entry. Rejse, in Danish, is to travel. Hold, is a team. Rejseholdet is therefore: the travelling team (not the lorry trailer). So there you have it. A specialist murder squad, as you correctly wrote, on the move to solve crimes, when required.
    Any Witch way you go, I’ll keep reading your blogs, for which I thank you.
    Preben, a Dane

  2. Tak, Preben!

    Ah, team, that makes sense.

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