Norwegian Hunter

It wasn’t until we began watching the first episode of Hunter on Swedish television this evening that I realised there could be language issues with Daughter and it. Norwegian thriller/crime series, with Swedish subtitles. But at least it’s easier than Danish… I think she coped fairly well, and one actress was almost impossible to understand even for a linguistic genius like the witch.

I’ve never really watched Norwegian television much, and certainly don’t think of them as producing exciting and fast-paced thriller stuff. But there is no reason they shouldn’t. It’s just that age old prejudice thing rearing its ugly head. Bad witch!

Hunter, episode one, turned out to be very good, and I’m looking forward to the rest, though I have to allow for the minor fact that the last episode is on after I’ve left. Drat. Where’s the illegal download button?

Suspected suicide bomber in Oslo underground station is killed by police . Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Then it seems he was actually intending to shoot someone instead of carrying a bomb. And as is the case these days, everything ended up on somebody’s mobile phone and from then it’s just a short step to television news and phone calls to the policeman’s wife.

Another five episodes to go, and Norwegian security in Brussels have just screwed up.

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