Which Michael Jackson was yours?

Let me upset all mourners now by saying I’m not one of you. The Michael Jackson I may have mourned once was the sweet looking young boy, who was another Donny Osmond type. But then many of his fans are younger, whereas I’m older than Michael, and was only ever a fan for a short while, when the Jackson Five started out.

When I woke up again, in my late twenties or thereabouts, I was somewhat shocked to see what had happened to Michael, and I never quite regained normality after that. He seemed to go from bad to worse, and I was never able to see further than his face and the reports in the papers about his weird behaviour.

So maybe he was a very important and talented performer. I missed all that. But I’d still like to have an explanation to what really happened to him, because I have long missed the ‘real’ Michael Jackson. And perhaps someone shouldn’t have arranged quite so many concerts for him later this summer.

But he was big. Even the Resident IT Consultant noticed the news this morning, and that’s a man who once said ‘Who’s Michael Jackson?’, when Offspring were going on about him. But said it as a joke, rather than as proof of being really and hopelessly hopeless.


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