Well, how appropriate was that? I actually feel so sleepy I didn’t make the connection at first, but Daughter and I just relaxed with another old NCIS episode, and for the first time ever, we both almost nodded off. It will be all the fresh air from this afternoon’s garden party, I suppose.

Light Sleeper - Gibbs and baby

It’s one of my more favourite episodes, and it’s called ‘Light Sleeper’. Though that’s sleeper as in foreign spy, but since it features true love and babies, it’s almost guaranteed to go down well at witch headquarters. I’m sure this is where we get the first inkling of Gibbs’ experience of small children, and that he knows how to feed them.

Sensitivity training is always good for poking fun at, and we love it when Gibbs addresses McGee as Elflord.

Light Sleeper, bomb

Di Nozzo’s line that ‘stealing tools isn’t really a prerequisite for murder’, is pretty good. And I think this might have been the first time Abby spoke Gibbs’ lines as well as her own, which just goes to show how well she knows him.

That is quite a big bomb on the right.

(Photos © CBS)

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